This book is supported by Open Art Association in collaboration with Rupert Wolfe Murray.

Presentación de libro: BOSNIAN WAR POSTERES


BOSNIAN WAR POSTERS is a unique compilation of posters and political graphic design, plus key archive photos from the war, and new photos that put all the images in context today.

This book illustrates the entire conflict: from April 1992—when the first shots were fired in Sarajevo—to December 1995—when peace was agreed upon. Subsequent images depict the post-war reconstruction period and the hunt for war criminals.

The posters were gathered together in Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia shortly after the Bosnian War ended. They form the only large, pan-Bosnian collection of such material that exists, offering an eye-witness account of the war from the point of view of those who lived through all its horrors.

A unique pictorial study of the bloodiest European conflict since 1945, BOSNIAN WAR POSTERS will engage all those interested in graphic design, poster art, the tragic story of Yugoslavia, and the politics of nationalism in the modern age.

The authors of BOSNIAN WAR POSTERS are Daoud Sarhandi, an award-winning filmmaker and writer from the UK, and Alina Wolfe Murray, who trained as a journalist in her native Romania. The book has new forewords by Carol Wells, founder and director of the Centre for the Study of Political Graphics, Los Angeles, and Bojan Hadžihalilović, a founding member of Trio design group, Sarajevo.


“A beautiful and terrifying book. Sarhandi’s introduction provides one of the best overviews of the conflict’s history to be found anywhere. And then there are the posters. Through them we experience, nearly unmediated, the power of propaganda and the emotional resonance of political art in times of terror. The posters speak to us as though we were there–as though we might enlist or resist.”

GRAPHIS magazine, NY
“Sarhandi does a nice job of summing up the Bosnian war’s mind-blowing complexity and placing the posters in their political and cultural contexts.”

“Sarhandi’s economic introduction surveys the war with a properly cynical eye. Perhaps more impressively, little opinion is threaded through the captions, which describe and interpret the illustrations.”

DANI magazine, Sarajevo
“This wartime collection is a valuable testament to the most difficult time in our recent history.”

EYE magazine, London
“Provocative. Passionate.”


«This book—without a doubt, one of the most significant books about the war in Bosnia—is probably the last document on war propaganda from the last century—a time in which there was no Internet, no TikTok, no Fake News.»

Bojan Hadžihalilović
Co-founder of Trio design studio in Sarajevo in 1985

«The book is an important contribution to understanding the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It also shows the value of posters as primary historical documentation. Most poster books use graphics to illustrate their perspective; this one uses them to illustrate the complexity of the struggle and the fluidity of the sides—an important lesson for understanding social movements or wars, or anything else for that matter. The way the posters are used is exactly what CSPG is trying to do. When I read this book 20 years ago, the Bosnian War was a distant and abstract story. I couldn’t understand how family, friends, and neighbours could suddenly turn on each other. Reading it now, in light of the Trump presidency, the book has an entirely different meaning: the message is more resonant, and the manifestation of such societal splits are already happening here.» 

Carol Wells
Director of the Centre for the Study of Political Graphics, Los Angeles

Presentación de libro: BOSNIAN WAR POSTERS

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