Open Art is a not-for-profit cultural organisation dedicated to promoting creativity, social inclusion and solidarity through art.

The core values of liberty, equality, respect and responsible consumption are at the heart of Open Art’s multidisciplinary programme, which seeks to combine art with social intervention and groundbreaking environmental initiatives. The organisation has been awarded a number of highly prestigious subsidies for its projects: Bank of Objects (a recycling scheme to prolong the lifespan of discarded items) was funded by Barcelona Activa, and Fusión Gramenet (a social forum for civic integration in Santa Coloma de Gramenet) received funding from Obra Social la Caixa, as did VideoValores (a filmmaking workshops exploring universal values, using clips filmed mostly on phones by people at risk of exclusion), with short films exhibited in Spain, Belgium and Germany. The organisation is made up of artists of many different disciplines with notable international standing.

Open Art has also collaborated with the councils of Barcelona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, L’Hospitalet and Badalona. It has enjoyed partnerships with prestigious cultural entities including Filmoteca de Catalunya, Filmoteca Española and CCCB, as well as with international cultural bodies such as the European Culture Foundation, Migration Hub Network, Goldsmiths University London, Instituto Cervantes Berlin and the Cinema for Peace Foundation, and has collaborated with social enterprises such as Barcelona Activa and Fundacio Espai Solidari to help deliver innovative projects.

Currently Open Art is based at two sites, one at Santa Coloma de Gramenet and another branch at the Sinergics co-working hub at Baró de Viver (identified as a priority action zone of Barcelona), where it continues to promote cultural development and social cohesion through street music, creative recycling schemes and toymaking workshops. It also holds long-standing partnerships with local organisations such as Casal Infantil Baró de Viver, Centre Civic Baró de Viver, the Apip-Acam Foundation and Nau Vila Besòs.