Art Object Trend is a creative recycling and artistic intervention in the environmental art project created in 2019.

Director in charge: Carolina Rivas. Project funded by: Departamento de Cultura del Distrito de Sant Andreu del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona.

Art Object Trend consisted of conducting art object workshops from the waste of the objects. The Art Object workshops were led by Pilar Veléz, Daoud Sarhandi, and Marta Capa. The workshops were located in Baró de Viver, in Distrito de Santa Andreu. The activity was designed to enhance creativity and reduce negative environmental impact. Scrap materials like plastics, wood, metals, and clothes were used. The goal was to inspire the artists in the neighbourhood, and its surroundings, to participate in the workshops and/or the Art Object exhibition. Thus, promoting the artwork that was created, subsequently generating visibility for the artists to foster equal opportunities.

 The exhibition titled Art Object Trend took place in the Centre Cívic Baró de Viver on December 20th, 2019 to January 8th, 2020.

o A total of twenty-one artworks were exhibited, followed by a collective presentation. Some of the artists that participated are Marta Capa, Katia Giménez, Isabel Espada, José Luis Álvarez, Hirostoshi Kikuchi, Daoud Sarhandi, Zafirah Sarhandi, Hannah Sarhandi and the students from 1 of l ESO of Escola Esperança under the leadership of their teacher María Ponce.

o The artworks produced were included in the creative recycling workshops conducted by Arnal Ballester, Karina Omaña and Carolina Rivas within the framework of the project Object Bank.

Capacity reached: 455 participants

Piezas creadas en los talleres de Arte Objeto y piezas del Reciclaje creativo de Banco de Objetos
Daoud Sarhandi en el Taller Arte Objeto
Marta Capa en el Taller de Arte Objeto
Pieza creada por José Luis Álvarez
Pieza creada por Kàtia Giménez
Pieza creada por Daoud Sarhandi
Erika y Zafirah estudiantes de la ESCOLA ESPERENÇA crean sus piezas de Arte Objeto
Exposición Tendencia Arte Objeto en el Centre Cívic Baró de Viver

Translated by Sofia Villalobos

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